Qualified. Committed.
Helpful. Trusted.

These are but a few words often used to describe the Finsure team by many of our satisfied clients.

Founded in 2018, Finsure specialises in enabling company growth by focusing on financial & secretarial compliance. We are a team of qualified and experienced tax experts, financial professionals, and corporate secretaries.

We are all about assisting our clients with business strategy and financial decision-making. We are all about our clients being financially sure.

Our Founders

Uday S Yelupula

A true blue professional armed with a double Chartered financial degree, Uday has worked for 15 years across continents (South East Asia, Middle East, South Africa & India) and across industries such as consumer goods, plastics, mining, automobiles, F&B, media, etc.

Prior to finsure , Uday held CFO roles and other various strategic positions. He is a seasoned professional when it comes to helping organizations set up shop in Indonesia and does so by providing services across multiple functions such as regulatory, compliance, accounting, taxation, & strategies.

He has a complete understanding of the market and the required formalities within relevant government departments to ensure a smooth flow of business processes.



Pandu Ellur

Prior to Finsure, Pandu held positions such as CFO, GM of Finance, Director of Finance & Operations, and more.

As a Chartered Accountant with around 15 years of in-depth experience in the mining, commodities, and trade sector, his work across India, the Middle East, and Indonesia have proven valuable in supporting clients make better decisions regardless of the complexity of the plans and projects.